Meet our herd

We currently have 17 horses with us at the resort. Our herd consists of Clydesdales, Welshie’s, stock and Quarter horses and thourghbred . They are all have very different stories about how they came to be with us and have customised care plans and diets to rehabilitate them back to good health.

Zara, Zeita and Dora


Jaffa is our other gentle giant. He is a very playful 3yr old clydesdale. He likes to hang out with the herd and has been to school to help with floating and basic ground work.


Meet Diesel. 18yo 

Diesel has come to us from a local riding school. He presented to us with a broken hip. The injury occurred about 5 months before he came so was already on the road to recovery when he arrived. Initially he was contained to a small enclosure to allow him to recover. This only lasted a few weeks as he so wanted to be with everyone else. More often than not we would find his enclosure empty and Diesel following Nanny around. These days you would not know he has an injury. 

Diesel is a very sweet sole. He is enjoying life living in a herd of friends where the work is not hard and the food is of plenty. At this stage we don’t know if he will ever be completely rehabilitated. He has made huge improvements since being at E3R.


Meet Stewart. 8yo

Stewart came to E3R a little underfed and a bit weary for such a young guy. His gentle manner is a balanced for his 800+ kilos. He has become our resident leader of the male pack and also the biggest eater. He is easy to love and easy to ride. Came to us with a twisted spine which has shortened his hard working potential. With a good diet & exercise, he has maintained a good weight programme and his strength has come back as well. Loves a ride and will look at us in such a way as to say – “is that enough now? Happy to go back home if your ready”.


Cherokee the children’s pony. She has vast fan club and is always the favourite to be ridden by all children. Cherokee is also the mother hen of the property. Leading the pack whenever changes have to be made and making sure no horse is left behind.


This is Jester, he was purchased by a family as a first rider for their child. Unfortunately Jester is completely blind in his right eye and has very limited vision in his left. E3R has built jester his very own safe paddock to keep him safe. He loves hanging out in his own little world.

Roy Boy

Roy is a registered Quarter horse who came to E3R after sustaining permanent injury to his hips following his illustrious career as a champion cutting horse. Roy is a real character. Always turning on the charm and often showing his softer goofy side.


Jim (AKA Buddy) is a sweet young boy who is green broken. Comes to E3R by no fault of his own, from a severely drought affected area in Collarenebri
NSW. Jim will make someone a brilliant sporting or pony club horse once he re establishes trust and condition. Jim is a very pretty boy with great conformation.